Mi top 100

10 06 2007

.. que mejor para recuperarse de una tremenda resaca que quedarse en casita bien arropadito y escuchando buena música… aqui tenéis 100 de mis “imprescindibles”.. no son todas… pero casi…

1. Radiohead- “Creep

2. Manic Street Preachers- “You stole the sun from my heart

3. Stone Temple Pilots- “Interstate love song

4. Black crowes- “Hard to handle

5. Beck- “Loser

6. Dusty Springfield- “Son of a preacher man

7. U2- “One

8. AC/DC- “Highway to hell

9. Cake- “I will survive

10. Rolling Stones- “Paint it black

11. My Chemical Romance- “I don’t love you

12. Guns n Roses- “Sympathy for the devil

13. Nirvana-“Smells like a teen spirit

14. Gun- “Better days

15. INXS- “Baby don’t cry

16. Steve Miller- “The joker

17. Suede-“Electricity

18. Stone Temple Pilots- “Vasoline

19. Terrorvision- “Discotheque Wreck”

20. The Cult- “Wild hearted son

21. Ramones- “howling at the moon (sha-la-la)

22. AC/DC- “You shook me all night long

23. SmashMouth- “Walkin’ on the sun

24. Piratas- “Mi coco

25. Haddaway- “What is love?

26. Sugar Ray- “Abracadabra

27. Aerosmith- “Janie’s got a gun

28. Sick Puppies- “All the same

29. Orishas- “A lo cubano

30. The Verve- “Bitter sweet symphony

31. Crazy Town- “Butterfly

32. Cypress Hill- “Rock superstar

33. Lenny Kravitz- “It ain’t over till it’s over

34. Chris Isaak- “Wicked game

35. Fatboy Slim & Macy Gray- “Demons

36. TLC- “Waterfalls

37. Elvis & JXL- “A little less conversation

38. Eagle Eye Cherry- “Are you still having fun?

39. Aerosmith- “Cryin‘”

40. Piratas- “m

41. Foo Fighters- “Big me

42. Freak power- “Turn in, tune in, cop out

43. Gravity Kills- “Enough

44. Guns n Roses- “Used to love her

45. Stiltskin- “Inside

46. INXS- “The gift

47. The Rasmus- “In the shadows

48. Jamiroquai- “Little L

49. Tribalistas- “Ja sei namorar

50. Red Hot Chili Peppers- “Give it away

51. Lenny Kravitz- “Always on the run

52. Fun Lovin’ Criminals- “Loco

53. Len- “Steal my sunshine

54. Limp Bizkit- “Take a look around

55. Linkin Park- “Points of authority

56. DelTonos- “horizonte eléctrico

57. Manic Street Preachers- “Tsunami

58. Massive Attack- “Unfinished symphony

59. Marvin Gaye- “I heard it through the grapevine

60. Moby- “Honey

61. Molotov- “Gimme the power

62. Amaral- “Moriria por vós

63. Dandy Warhols- “We used to be friends

64. Lenny Kravitz- “Mama said

65. Ocean Color Scene- “up on the downside

66. Fatboy Slim- “Praise you

67. Jamiroquai- “Love foolosophy

68. Prodigy- “Smack my bitch up

69. Rob D.- “Clubbed to death

70. Rage against the machine- “Wake up

71. Elastica- “Connection

72. Republica- “ready to go

73. Piratas- “Mi matadero clandestino

74. Stone Roses- “Fools gold

75. Saliva- “Click, clik, boom

76. My Chemical Romance- “Disenchanted

77. Smashing Pumpkins- “Bullet with butterfly wings

78. Oasis- “Don’t look back in anger

79. Al Green- “Let’s stay together

80. Lighthouse family- “High

81. Guns n Roses- “You could be mine

82. Simple Plan- “I’m just a kid

83. Lenny Kravitz- “Are you gonna go my way?

84. Luna Pop- “Vespa Special

85. Metallica- “Hero of the day

86. Moby- “Natural blues

87. Oasis-“Wonderwall

88. Piratas- “El sabor de las cosas”

89. SR 71- “Let it whip

90. Guns n Roses- “November rain

91. Aersomith- “Amazing

92. Wallflowers- “one headlight

93. Control machete- “Si señor

94. Seal- “Crazy

95. U2- “(Pride)In the name of love

96. Crowded House- “Weather with you

97. Offspring- “Come out and play

98. Tom Jones & Stereophonics- “Mama told me no to come

99. La 5ª estación- “Me muero

100. Lorca- “monedas al rio”…este es el toque personal de la lista.. je, je,…





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